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Pilates Matwork: from Contrology to Health Pilates Education
Gennaio 4, 2024

We have already talked about the main differences between Pilates Matwork and Pilates on machines, but do you know the history of this wonderful discipline? 

Pilates Matwork is the basis from which all other kind of pilates training developed, including various exercises that are practiced both on the Reformer and Cadillac. 

The original sequence designed by Joseph Pilates himself consisted of 34 exercises to be performed without any equipment, of which the first was the famous “the Hundred”.

Countless variations have been created from these exercises, including the so-called “pre-Pilates” i.e. preparatory exercises for the execution of the codified ones. 

But there are also variations aimed at making any exercise a little bit more challenging rather than easier.

The Pilates method was originally named Contrology (“art of control”), in order to stress the importance of constant control over body and mind. J. Pilates believed, in fact, that “The muscles should obey the will. Reasonably, the will should not be dominated by the reflex action of the muscles”.

In his book “Return to Life through Contrology”, published in 1945 but still highly appreciated by teachers and students nowadays, Pilates described all the principles and benefits of his method, integrating them with a repertoire of original photos of himself performing the 34 exercises in sequence.

Today, Health Pilates Education can offer you training courses to learn more about the original sequence and how the Pilates method has developed into the global phenomenon that it is nowadays.

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